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Flevo Totaal Festival (1992)

Original CD Release-GMI 1061

Country: Holland CD 1992

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Front Side

Back Side


                CD release

NL           GMI 1061 (1992)


                Larry Norman songs

                The Dog And The Flower


                The Preacher And Rock 'N Roll


                I'm In The Mood For Love


                If I Got My Ticket

                Swing Low Sweet Chariot



                    This compilation features live recordings of artists that performed on the Kamperland Festival and the follow-up of that called The Flevo Totaal Festival. The Larry Norman recordings (solo) are from 1980 and performed at the Kamperland Festival.


                    Other artists: Kenny Marks, Larry Howard, Randy Stonehill, DeGarmo & Key, Charlie Peacock, Daniel Amos, The 77's, Julie Miller, Bryan Duncan, Iona, Darrell Mansfield, and Martyn Joseph.


 All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.