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The Story Of The Tune (1983)

Original LP Release - Phydeaux ARF-99

Country: US Single slip 1983

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Front Side

Back Side


Original CD Release-Phydeaux No Number

Country: US CD 1995

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Front Side

Back Side


CD Label


                LP release

USA         Phydeaux ARF-99 (1983)


                CD release

USA         Phydeaux (no number) (1995)


                CD single release

USA         Solid Rock SRD-121 (2003)


                Cassette release

USA         Phydeaux ARF-99 (1983)


                Song listing

Side 1       The Tune

                                Full length version

Side 2       Country Church, Country People

                                From "Twenty Five Years" (unreleased)

                Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

                Soul On Fire

                                1978, from "Rough Mix 2"

                                (unreleased, see "Rough Mix #1, #2")

                If I Got My Ticket

                                From "Behind The Curtain" (unreleased)



                    This album features the full-length version of "The Tune" on side one ("Barking At The Ants" featured a short version). It is called "the continuation of Something New Under The Son" on the back cover and it was recorded in 1977.


                    On the label the following subtitles are given for "The Tune:" Creation, The Fall, The Law, Crucifixion, Ascension, Redemption, Grace.


                    On the back cover Larry Norman says he wrote and recorded "Soul On Fire" in 1978. The song itself is from 1968, but this version ("The Eldridge Cleaver version") is from 1978. The first known recording of "Soul" is from 1974 (from the unreleased album "Orphans From Eden") and can be found on "Down Under (But Not Out)" and "Back To America" (incomplete).


                    There are no extra tracks on the CD release, but it does have longer versions of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and "If I Got My Ticket" (both traditionals). The song order on the CD is different.


                    Different studio versions of "The Tune" can be found on the "Rough Mix" tape of "Something New Under The Son" and on "Survivor - The Essential, volume 7."


                    Live solo versions of "If I Got My Ticket" and "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" can be found on "Flevo Totaal Festival - Live Tapes - Volume 1" (GMI CD 1061, The Netherlands, 1992). Both songs were recorded during the Kamperland Festival in 1980.


                    "Country Church, Country People" and "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" (maybe also "If I Got My Ticket) were probably recorded for the "Red, White And Blues" trilogy (1976). See the "American Roots" CD for more information.


                    The 2003 CD single only contains "The Tune."


                    There has been mention of a UK release on Chapel Lane, but it's doubtful if it exists.


All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.