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Both Sides Of People (1969)

Original LP Release - Capitol ST-151

Country: US Single slip 1969

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Front Side

Back Side


Original LP Release - Capitol ST-151

Country: Canada Single slip 1969

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Front Side

Back Side


                 LP releases

USA         Capitol ST-151 (1969)

CAN        Capitol ST-151 (1969)


                Song listing

Side 1       I've Got You On My Mind

                Hasty Heart

                You'll Never Know For Sure


                                Written by Lowman Pauling

                Hey Sweetheart

Side 2       Lucky John

                She's A Dancer

                Pirate Bill



                    Larry Norman left People on the day the album "People: I Love You" was released to the stores. Capitol issued this second album (most tracks are outtakes from the "I Love You" sessions) on which Larry Norman can still be heard, but not on lead vocals. Larry Norman is not pictured or listed on the cover (is he present on all tracks?).


                    "I've Got You On My Mind," "Hasty Heart," and "She's A Dancer" are Larry Norman compositions (according to the label). The other tunes were written by other members of the band, except for "Think," a classic tune written by Lowman Pauling of the Five Royales (released in 1957 on the King label); James Brown's famous cover version (on which People's version was based) was released in 1960 on Federal (Federal was a subsidiary label of King).


                    "I've Got You On My Mind" and "Hasty Heart" were reissued on "Down Under (But Not Out)" and on "We Wish You A Larry Christmas" "We Wish" also features "She's A Dancer." "Think" is an extra track on the cassette release of "Down Under (But Not Out)."


                    Larry Norman is not present on Capitol single 2499 ("Turnin Me In" / "Ulla") from 1969 nor on the third People LP "There Are People And There Are People," Paramount PAS-5013, 1970 (there were other single releases as well; several labels with four on Paramount). Funny detail: Larry Norman is shown on the picture sleeve of the German release of the Capitol single (Capitol 006-80 087). A similar mistake has been made with the Israeli single release of People's "Harmony" / "Leader Of The Band" (EMI 2010). Click on "Notes" to see the picture sleeves.


All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen.