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Eve Of Destruction (2004)

Original Maxi-Single CDR Release - Solid Rock
No Number

Country: US CDR Single 2004

Front Side

Back Side


CDR Label


                CDR maxi-single release

USA         Solid Rock No number (2004)


                Song listing

                Eve Of Destruction

                                Written by PF Sloan.

                Radio Interview

                                With host Lee Rugen. Originally aired 7/2/04.

                Home Movie

                                Larry's tour of Salem, Oregon.



                    This CD maxi-single was the second and last release for the 2004 Solid Rock Army fan club. The first release was, "I Am The Six O'Clock News."


                    This CDR has not been made available to the general public.


                    There is a QuickTime movie that Larry made as a virtual tour of Salem, Oregon. Larry shows the outside of his studio, record shops, restaurants, and other places of interest.


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.