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Hit The Switch (1977)


Original LP Release - Solid Rock SRA-2008

Country: US Single slip? 1977

Front Side

Back Side


Original LP Release - Solid Rock ROCKY4

Country: UK Gatefold 1977

ROCKY4aUK200.jpg (9950 bytes)

ROCKY4bUK200.jpg (11795 bytes)

Front Side

Back Side


                LP releases

USA         Solid Rock SRA-2008 (1977)

UK          Solid Rock ROCKY 4 (1977)



                    This album was presented by Larry Norman and Solid Rock.


                    The album was produced and arranged by Larry Norman and he contributed vocals as well. Also appearing are Randy Stonehill (vocals) and Tom Howard (piano, vocals).


All release information and notes by Jim Böthel except where otherwise noted.