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Upon This Rock (1970)

Original LP Release - Capitol ST-446

Country: US Single slip 1970

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Front Side

Back Side


LP Release - Impact HWS-3121

Country: US Single slip 1970

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Back Side


LP Release - Impact HWS-3121
LP Release - Heart Warming HWS-3121


Country: Canada Single slip 1970

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LP Release - Key KL-010

Country: UK Single slip 1972

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LP Release - Impact (Cover) HWS-3121
Heartwarming (Labels) R 3121


Country: US Single slip 1973

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LP Release - Kingsway DOVE-64 1973
LP Release - Kingsway DOVE-64 1983


Country: UK Single slip 1973/1983

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Original CD Release-Kingsway KMCD-2101

Country: UK CD 1989

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CD Label


CD Release-"Radio Promo" No Label
No Number


Country: US CD 1998

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CD Label


CDR Release-"Illegal Noise Series"
No Label No Number


Country: US CDR 2001

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CD Label


CD Release-Solid Rock SRD-969

Country: US CD (Double) 2002

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Back Side

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Collector's Edition CD Labels


CDR Release-Solid Rock SRDX-001

Country: US CDR 2008

Upon This Rock 

Upon This Rock 

Front Side

Back Side

Upon This Rock

CD Label


                LP releases

USA         Capitol ST-446 (1970)

USA         Impact HWS-3121 (1970)  (red or black labels)

USA         Heart Warming R-3121 (1973) (red or black labels)

CAN        Impact HWS-3121 (1970)

CAN        Heart Warming HWS-3121 (197?)? (red or black labels)

NZ           Impact/Heart Warming HWS-3121 (198?)

UK          Key KL-010 (1972)

UK          Kingsway DOVE-64 (1973, 1983)


                CD releases

USA         (no label / no number) (1998)

USA         Illegal Noise Series (no number) (2001) CD-R

USA         Solid Rock SRD-969 (2002) double CD

USA         Solid Rock SRD-969 (2003) single CD

UK          Kingsway KMCD-2101 (1989)

USA         Solid Rock SRDX-001 (2008) single CD


                Cassette releases

USA         Impact C-9121 (197?)

USA         Impact C-3121 (C-9121 on the labels, 197?)

USA         Heart Warming / Impact HWCS-9121 (197?)

NZ           Heart Warming HWS-C-3121 (197?)

NZ           Heart Warming RC-3121 (1971)

NZ           Solid Rock KMCD-2101 (1988)

UK          Key KCS-010 (1972)

UK          Kingsway DVCS-164 (1973)

UK          Kingsway KMC-2101 (1991?)


                8 Track releases

USA         Heart Warming / Impact HW08-9121 (197?)

USA         Masterphonics Sounds LN-917 (1970)

CAN        Impact /Praise T-3121 (197?)


                Single releases

USA         Capitol 2429: Blow In My Ear And Ill Follow You Anywhere /

                I Got A Letter Today From The President
(as by The Flies, 1969)

USA         Capitol 2766: Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation /

                Walking Backwards Down The Stairs (1970)


                Song listing original LP

Side 1       Prelude


                You Can't Take Away The Lord

                I Don't Believe In Miracles

                Moses In The Wilderness

                Walking Backwards Down The Stairs

                Ha Ha World

Side 2       Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation

                Forget Your Hexagram

                The Last Supper

                I Wish We'd All Been Ready

                Nothing Really Changes



                Extra tracks on Solid Rock CD-969 (2 CD version)

Disc 1      You Can't Take Away The Lord (demo)

                Ha Ha World (demo)

                I Don't Believe In Miracles (demo)

                Nothing Really Changes (demo)

                The Day That A Child Appeared (demo)

                Country Church Country People (demo)


Disc 2      The Powerline interview                      "Spliced" interview from 1970

                      Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation

                      Nothing Really Changes

                      Ha Ha World

                      The Last Supper

                      Forget Your Hexagram

                      Walking Backwards Down The Stairs

                      You Can't Take Away The Lord


                The Lion's Breath interview:                2001

                      Strong Love, Strange Peace

                      Lost Kids (Song For The Runaways)

                      We All (The Crash Pad)

                      The Prayer Meeting

                      I'm So Glad I Know You

                      Clean Lennon

                      Is God Dead?



                Extra tracks on Solid Rock SRDX-001 (Single CD version)

               You Can't Take Away The Lord (demo)

                Ha Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation (demo)

                Nothing Really Changes (demo)





                    This is Larry Norman's solo debut, recorded in 1969 and released in 1970.


                    The original Capitol LP was released with two variations; one has ST-446 on the labels, the other has SKAO-446 on the labels.


                    Most of the songs on the reissues (the non-Capitol albums) are mixed differently. The Capitol songs are more orchestrated. Really very different are: "Forget Your Hexagram," (resung on the reissues), "The Last Supper," (just vocal and piano on the reissues) and "Nothin' Really Changes" (resung plus fake live audience on the reissues). "Walking Backwards," "Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation," and "Ha Ha World" are shorter on the reissues; "I Wish We'd All Been Ready" seems a little faster on the reissues. "Prelude" ("Overture" on the label) is only on the original Capitol album and on the first US CD.


                    Impact and Heart Warming are closely affiliated. The Impact US release came with a black label first, later with a red label. The LP from New Zealand has "Impact" on the cover and "Heart Warming" on the labels (the NZ company that pressed the album was Concorde).


                    The UK CD release is a straight reissue of the earlier reissues on vinyl with no extra tracks. The first US CD was released as a "Radio Promo CD" only. It features the reissue version but it also has the Capitol versions of "The Last Supper" and "Ha Ha World" as bonus tracks; the CD starts with "Prelude", like the original LP. Both the UK release and the first US CD release have the right and left channels transposed.


                    The US 2CD release features many bonus tracks and an interactive part with pictures and information about the early days at Capitol (including People). The single CD version (called "The Larry Norman Version" on the back cover) features the reissue version of "Upon This Rock" and includes two extra tracks: "You Can't Take Away The Lord" (demo version) and "Ha Ha World" (demo version). Both can also be found on the 2CD version.


                    The 8 track tape on Masterphonics also contains "Jim Ware's Blues" according to the information on the back (a song from the second version of "Street Level").


                    Although not listed above, I'm pretty sure that there are also Canadian cassette pressings.


                    The CD-R release features the re-release version and it has "Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn" (originally recorded and released on "Jubilation,", Myrrh LP MST-6555, 1975 - so, kind of misplaced here) as a bonus track. Larry Norman copied this disc from a bootleg. The artwork of this CD-R shows the Capitol cover.


                    The Kingsway UK LP was probably in print for several years. 1973 is the year given on the light blue "cloud" label version, 1983 is given on the labels of the darker blue "crystal crown" label version.


                    In 1972 the LP "Son Worshipers" was released (One Way JC-4444), this mainly spoken documentary has shortened versions of "Forget Your Hexagram" and "Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation". In 1973 this album was also released in the UK.


                    In between the People episode and "Upon This Rock" there was a single released by the Flies. The Flies were Larry Norman and Nancy Jo Norman (Larry Norman's sister). "Blow In My Ear.." is from the rock musical "Alison" according to the label. According to the "On Being" booklet from 1984, "Letter From The President" is from the rock musical "Love On Haight Street" (it's not mentioned on the label). The single is listed above.


                    See also "Down Under (But Not Out)" "We Wish You A Larry Christmas" "The Best Of Larry Norman - Volume 1" "The Best Of Larry Norman - Volume 2" "Agitator - The Essential, volume 2" the CD-R version of "Survivor - The Essential, volume 7" and "Instigator - The Essential, volume 1"


                    This album was number two in a series of fourteen albums, mentioned on the inner sleeve of "Something New Under The Son" (albums number nine through fourteen have not been released, see part II).


 All release information and notes courtesy of Robert Termorshuizen with updates by Jim Böthel.